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Improving Thinking

The idea: everything that happens in an organisation results from thinking. About me: I am an independent trainer, facilitator and consultant with 40 years of experience working in, with and for organisations; focusing on improving thinking skills for the last 20 years. About thinking: Thinking happens at three distinct levels within organisations: individual, team and organisation. Improving thinking: Unless organisations address all three levels of thinking their attempts to improve thinking will almost certainly end in failure. I provide a comprehensive service to assess, and then improve thinking at all three levels.


  • Thinking in Organisations Theory Update

    3 June at 21:35 from atlas

    An updated outline of my theory on how thinking happens in organisations is now available for downloading from the Downloads page. ...

  • 2018 Russian Facilitators Conference

    13 June at 21:51 from atlas

    I was privileged to be invited to attend the 2018 Russian Facilitators Conference in Moscow in April. Met a great group of enthusiastic ...

  • 37th International Conference on Critical Thinking and Educational Reform

    13 June at 19:31 from atlas

    Attended the Conference, held at Sonoma State University. Delivered a concurrent session on: Cultivating Critical Thinking Throughout ...

  • IAFNAC 2017

    2 May at 15:27 from atlas

    Attended the North America conference of the International Association of Facilitators in May 2017.  Delivered a ...

  • ICOT 2015

    16 July at 11:31 from atlas

    Gave my presentation on the final day of the conference. Hope the people who attended it gained something useful. The sessions I went to ...